PlayStation VR (PSVR) are going to be busy for a while, since there a some big releases coming like Farpoint and Starblood Arena. However Sony is also looking ahead, Chinese developers are coming with many VR titles.

The games are being developed under Sony’s China Hero Project, supporting local developers. In total 9 new Playstation 4 games are announced, and most of them actually support the VR headset. The games and their trailers are posted below.

Let’s dive deeper into the announcements made for the PSVR.


An awesome shooter: The Walker

It seems like this game is most promising. It will offer fantasy combat with swords and spells. As we can see in the trailer, it would be set in a highly detailed environment. Firstly, the player uses a gun to eliminate some minion-like enemies. However also a knife is used to slice through enemies with melee combat. Of course later down the game, the enemies will become stronger and you’ll need better weapons. This can be obtained by enfuse your weapons with special powers.


A casual Game with friends: The X Animal

This game seems very casual. The VR game makes explicit use of the Virtual reality gaming features. By making optimal use of the space in which you are gaming! which can be achieved with VR. It aims to offer users various experiences,  defeat enemies that appear to be on along a line. And the game is complemented by some pretty strange music but it works.


Brings horror games to the next level: Pervader VR!

It is still unclear what the idea of the developers for this game is. It is evident that the main goal of this story is to provide the user with an unforgettable story! Concepts of art are applied throughout the game. We can expect high-end horror experiences combined with some great Virtual Reality experience! Based on the teaser provided for this great gaming title we can conclude that you might miss a few nights of sleep because of the great horror effects!

To conclude, nobody knows the actual release of the previous mentioned games. However, we will make sure that we keep you updated when new information becomes available from the Western PS Virtual Reality releases!