I think every playstation user has come across this issue, the terribly slow download speeds at the Playstation Network. There are many topics to be found on the internet about this and I know this is so frustrating. You come home after a long day, wanting to play your favorite game but there is an update waiting which will take until bed time. You want to play your newly purchased PSN Game. But you simply can’t. Over the years people have tried to find solutions for this problem, one of which is changing your DNS server of the Playstation Network to the Google one. This however usually doesn’t really fix the issue. I did find some solution to this and I will explain this one to you now. It basically is setting up a local proxy via your PC and run your PS4’s internet through the proxy in order to download your games and updates.

What doesn’t fix the slow Downloads of PSN updates.

Me for one had this problem for years, and as we all know it usually happens when a major update comes out. The process of finding a good solution took me a while and the googling and testing the various fixes available. The fixes passing by were for example, Changing DNS servers of PSN, changing between WIFI and Ethernet, pausing the download at specific percentages and downloading while the PS4 is in rest mode. This all didn’t work for me and my frustration levels rose and rose, until I found a post on reddit from TheTigerbite. He described a simple four-step process that doesn’t take too long and it basically uncaps your slow PS4 Network download speed. This is my way of sharing the solution which helped me to you. It did work for me and so it should for you.

Needed supplies:

  • Software to set up a proxy server (don’t be scared, it’s a lot easier than you think)
  • A computer
  • A PS4 which is connected to the same network as your pc. And a valid Playstation Network subscription.

Playstation Network

How to increase download speed of the Playstation Network?

CCProxy I found to be the easiest to handle.

What you should do, in 4 easy steps

Step 1: Install a proxy server on your PC, I would advise CCProxy. This one is simple and has a free version which can be used on Windows. For the MAC you could use Squidman.

Step 2: When the proxy is installed, open it and then you should set it up. The first thing is to check the IP and port number (this can be taken from the HTTP port listing). In CCproxy there is an options menu where you can find this information.

Step 3: Then go to your PS4. A new internet connection has to be made, but use the custom settings (there are things to be changed). Everything can stay on “auto”. However, the proxy should be set-up manually.

Step 4: In here you can add the IP and port number which you took from CCProxy (step2). For me the port was “8080”but you could also try “808” if it doesn’t work for you.

Things to consider with the PSN Fix.

This actually helped me, after many time consuming afternoons googling and messing about with my internet settings and PS4 settings, it actually works. The download speeds of PSN now actually correspond with the contract I have with my internet provider. The downloads went from one day to three hours and three minutes after I have applied this fix.

The thing what is worth to mention is that your PS4 internets connection (while set up like this) it can only connect to the internet through the proxy you’ve made. I have never had any issues with lag or ping while playing online, some problems when I am downloading at the same time. What I usually do is just change it back to the usual way when the download has been completed.

Why this works has been explained by another Redditor, Tibiazak. To keep it simple, the PS4 takes little bits of data and running it through the proxy makes this process more efficient. All the small bits come in way faster than usually. Making this the best fix to increase your Playstation Network Downloading Speed!