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Are you looking for a way to get free games for the PlayStation Network? Than you are on the right track! On this website you can get Free PSN Codes up to $50. We know that this amount isn’t sufficient to buy a newly released game like FIFA 17. Therefore, you can use the PSN Code Generator once every day. There are a few reasons why we don’t offer Free PlayStation Network Codes above the considered amount. First of all, Sony is keeping track on the codes with higher amounts. Thus, if you would enter a hacked $100 code on a daily basis it is evident that your account will get a permanent ban.


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Only redeem one $50 PSN Code each day! 

Of course we don’t want your account to get banned. But at the same time you would like to receive as many free games as possible! Therefore, we only allow you to use a maximum of $50 PSN Codes. Just to make sure that Sony doesn’t know that you’re using a hacking method for all the PlayStation Credit. I would recommend you to switch between a $10, $20 and $50 PSN code on a regular basis. Variation is always key to making sure that your account doesn’t get exposed. Obviously, the risks are very low anyway. PlayStation will just think that you purchased a lot of regular PSN prepaid cards.

Complete the following steps to claim your Free PSN Codes:

1) Click on ‘claim psn code’

2) Share our service on social media

3) Select the amount you would like to receive

4) Generate your PSN Card Free

5) Complete a human verification process

6) Redeem your PlayStation Network Card in the Store.

How does the PSN Code Generator Work?

 The PSN Code Generator works fairly simple. You simply click on the start button. After you selected your code and the generator will do all the work for you. Once it is completed you will see that the code is revealed on your screen. You will only have to unlock the last digits. Further we added a human verification process. This is done to avoid bots farming the codes we generated for our loyal users. Obviously, this is needed to counter all the bots that active on the web these days. Altogether, the process should be done within a few minutes of time. If it happens that it takes you way longer. Simply repeat the process, something must have gone wrong! 

What makes our PSN Card Generator Unique?

The PSN Card generator includes a sophisticated PSN hacking tool. That allows us to copy the same generation process Sony uses to generate the regular PSN Prepaid card. You can compare the service offered by the psn code generator, with buying a PlayStation code in the store. The only difference is that with our service, you will receive 100% and completely for free! Moreover, we save you the troubles of traveling all the way to the nearest store. Where you might find out that it’s all sold out!

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What are PlayStation Network Codes?

With the introduction of the PlayStation 4, Sony introduced the PS Store. This allows anyone who has the console to purchase and save their games online. It is evident that you can’t use cash anymore to do an online purchase. However, some people still love to pay with it. The PlayStation Network Code is a substitution for paying with cash, since you can buy it at physical locations. With our service you can receive a free psn card. But it still has all the same functionalities as when you would purchase it elsewhere. If you would like to exchange your free psn codes for real money, visit the official PS Store. Search for the option where you can enter a code, this is located in the left side bar. Enter your code here and your account will be credited with PlayStation money! Now simply select a game and you can start playing!

Benefits of using free ps4 codes

A PlayStation 4 code allows you to purchase your games online. therefore, it brings certain benefits to the user. To start off you will be able to buy new games without being constrained by time. The store is open 24/7 waiting for you to buy something. Once you used free ps4 codes to buy a game. It will be saved to your account staying there for a life time. When you use a disc you bear the risk of damaging or losing it. Moreover, you can share the game you purchased with another friend. It is allowed to install it on two different PlayStation account. The only issue is that you can’t play it at the same time. So it is either you are your mate who will be playing the game. When you log out, your friend can start playing. All of these benefits are provided by the ps4 code generator. Together with the simple fact that you will receive your psn codes for free!

Recommended PSN Games to purchase:

If you’re done and the free psn credit has been added to your account. It might be difficult to decide which games you should add. Therefore, we selected two popular PS games to help you in your choice. There are a few games for the PlayStation that are classified by us as a ‘must have’. You’re not required to follow our recommendations. Any game can be purchased with the credit you receive. It’s just a roadmap to help you in the decision making process. Further, you can find more usefull tips on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Playstation Network controller

1. Rocket League

Rocket League is an online platform game that has its focus on the multiplayer. With a Rocket powered car you will battle against other online players. While flying through the air and performing out of the box stunts. You will impress your team mate and opponents while making impressive goals. Namely, the goal of this game is to score as many points in the goal of the opponent. Yes, it’s comparable to a soccer game. But then with a rocket powered cart.

2. Battlefield 1

Battle fields 1 is one of the other great choices. Obviously, this will only hold if you are a big fan of shooters. With the latest engines it’s possible to destroy all the objects you can possibly think of. It must be one of the games that is stressing your video card of the PlayStation. Because, the graphics are extraordinary. In-game you can control tanks, helicopters, airplanes and many other vehicles. Moreover, the multiplayer mode offers a wide range of maps to select. Ranging from small close combat maps all the way to massive maps. The bigger maps will definitely require a vehicle to move yourself from point A to B.

This was the list of games we selected for you. Personally, we though that a shooter and a look alike soccer game would be the most common choice. Both games are great to play when you have friends over. And will guarantee a great gaming experience! If it happens that you run out of money and you still want to add one of these titles. Than the PSN Card generator is your best option. Use it to add several free PSN codes to your account over the upcoming days!   

Time for reading is over, it's time to claim your psn codes for free